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Instant access to 100,000,000+ high quality songs with no limitation
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Speed MP3 Downloader
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13 December 2015

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This software tool helps download loads of music freely and safely.

Speed MP3 Downloader can help you obtain unlimited amount of high quality MP3 safely and legally. It has access to the largest collection of high quality music. You are able to search in categories such as indie, hip-hop, classical etc. tool can provide you access to live, piano, guitar or cover editions of your favorite songs. Thus getting live concert albums of your favorite band is not too difficult either. As all these tracks are in MP3, you have the freedom to play the tracks not only on your computer but also on any of the portable players such as iPod, iPhone, cell phone, etc. You can access recommendations of US AIRPLAY Hot 100 and listen to them. Download the tracks if you like them.

The tool is not a peer to peer network sharing utility thus risks of getting infected are far less that if it was part of such a network. The music available to you is from public websites which are meant for legal downloads. The downloader gives you access to more than 100 million songs and thus you have a very high probability in finding the right track. The interface is simple and gets you going in a few mouse clicks. Before you start a search, you have the options of narrowing the search by category/genre, recommendations, etc. You can type in part of a title or even key word to find the track. When the search is complete and you choose a track for download, the pop up information gives you details of the album, artist, track, quality etc. You are thus able to ensure you are getting the track you really wanted.

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Download 100 million songs in easy, fast and clean way!
Speed MP3 Downloader is really a hear-and-get tool, via which you can fast obtain unlimited amount of high quality mp3 safely and easily. It has the largest collection of high quality music, and allows you to search your favorites in tags, such as indie, hip-hop, classical. etc. You can even search the live, piano, guitar or cover editions of your favorite songs, e.g. the live concert albums of your favorite band. All songs are in the MP3 format and can be played on any computer or on any MP3 Player including iPod, iPhone, cell phone, etc. Moreover, it also recommends the USA AIRPLAY HOT 100 each week and supports all digital players including iPod, cellphone, etc.
Speed MP3 Downloader is a simple and neat utility for indexing and downloading your favorite music from Internet. The application is so user-friendly that anybody can use it; it just takes a few clicks and less than 5 seconds to bring you the search results. In terms of safety, it is not a Peer-to-Peer program, so there is no risk from spyware or viruses. It brings you music by means of searching the public audio sites, which is 100% legal! And that's not all. Something you'll definitely love in this program is that it can run many searches in parallel. Users can also pretest the downloading mp3 files; if the files are not what they are looking for, users can stop downloading immediately to avoid wasting time.
Speed MP3 Downloader
Speed MP3 Downloader
Version 2.5.9
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